Frequently Asked Questions
Ordering a Conference Session or Workshop?
Frequently Asked Questions

How early do we need to book you?
The sooner you contact me, the better, as my calendar fills up quickly, but due to unexpected events, cancellations, etc., sometimes I can book a presentation just a few months out. Contact me.

Once we contact you, what happens next?
Once we have agreed upon a date, we will send you information (technical requirements, publicity info and photos, etc).

Do we need to take care of travel arrangements?
No. I will handle All travel arrangements including booking my airline, hotel and ground transportation.

How many participants can we have?
As many as you like! There is no minimum or maximum.

Can we videotape?
No. Video or audio taping is not allowed. You will receive a form to sign acknowledging this.

Do we need a PO and how do we pay?
If your organization needs a PO, you may send it after talk is confirmed. 
You will receive an invoice from us. Payment is due at the time of service.

What about deposits, and/or cancellation fees?
There is no money deposit for a workshop or conference. If cancellation is 30 days or fewer prior to the scheduled date, you will need to reimburse my airline cancellation fee.

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