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Erma Phillips, Galveston College
Survivor of Hurricane Ike, 2009

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Reducing Stress and Increasing Resilience: Insights from Neuroscience

People are stressed out ! If you would like to learn how to promote reduced stress and increased resilience, then consider participating in Dr. Zadina’s workshop that includes life-changing “Science & Strategies.”

Research shows that high stress impairs thinking and learning, and therefore, performance. Furthermore, prolonged high stress can also damage the brain. Learn from an Educational Neuroscientist WHAT is happening, WHY it is happening and what YOU can do to reduce stress and protect your brain. You will also learn how to “FIRE & WIRE!” Fire up with the information you need to make a change and wire up with new strategies for increased and prolonged resilience.  

Dr. Zadina was volunteering on a PTSD research project with veterans when she herself became a survivor of trauma from one of the country’s greatest national disasters, Hurricane Katrina. She then began researching non-drug interventions for anxiety, stress, and trauma. She brings her own experience as well as the research to this critical topic.

The one-hour program covers:
  • The nature of stress
  • When stress becomes Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
  • How stress affects multiple pathways of thinking and behavior
  • Research-based practices that 
                oReduce stress in the moment
                oHelp prevent physiological stress reactions
                oIncrease happiness and well-being
                oIncrease coping self-efficacy and resilience

Additionally, we offer a two-hour presentation or, for more in-depth content, half-day or full-day workshops that include additional up-to-date information from our Multiple Pathways, ESL, or poverty presentations.

Contact Dr. Janet Zadina at Brain Research & Instruction and book your presentation or workshop and start changing lives with “Science & Strategies” today!

Marina Morbiducci
Butterfly Project Cofounder

Claudia Valentini​
L'Aquila, Italy
Claudia is a survivor of the earthquake which destroyed L'Aquila in 2009. Claudia is sitting  next to the wall of keys. This is the wall of house keys placed by residents of L'Aquila whose homes were destroyed. I had the privilege to share with Claudia the placing of the keys and the small quilt created by family members in remembrance.

Learning in the Presence or Aftermath of Stress

Presentation for schools whose population includes these risk factors:
  •   Violence
  •   Immigrant/migrant/Native     American
  •   Abuse
  •   Natural disaster
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Science and Strategies
Janet N. Zadina, Ph.D
Brain Research and Instruction
Bridging Neuroscience and Education​

"Science and Strategies"