Janet Zadina
Butterfly Project Cofounder
Erma Phillips, Galveston College
Survivor of Hurricane Ike, 2009

Marina Morbiducci
Butterfly Project Cofounder

Claudia Valentini​
L'Aquila, Italy
Claudia is a survivor of the earthquake which destroyed L'Aquila in 2009. Claudia is sitting  next to the wall of keys. This is the wall of house keys placed by residents of L'Aquila whose homes were destroyed. I had the privilege to share with Claudia the placing of the keys and the small quilt created by family members in remembrance.

Learning in the Presence or Aftermath of Stress

Presentation for schools whose population includes these risk factors:
  •   Violence
  •   Immigrant/migrant/Native     American
  •   Abuse
  •   Natural disaster
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Janet N. Zadina, Ph.D
Brain Research and Instruction

Science and Strategies
Janet N. Zadina, Ph.D
Brain Research and Instruction
Bridging Neuroscience and Education​

"Science and Strategies"
Survivors of Disaster,
You Are Not Alone!

It is with a heavy heart that I send my greetings to so many colleagues in cities impacted by disaster. My heart is with you through these terrible events and I want to provide whatever small help I can.  

First, and foremost, I want to tell you that you are not losing your mind! Many people struggle with thinking after trauma and fear that the trauma has given them brain damage. No! But it has severely impacted your thinking, particularly in some areas. For example, do you find yourself getting lost?  

That is managed by the hippocampus, a region very impacted by stress. Do you have trouble organizing, planning, carrying out long-term projects, or making decisions? Your frontal lobes are less activated so that you can be in survival mode, doing what is necessary to sustain life. You are probably having some memory issues and maybe even having trouble remembering things that happened prior to the storm. CLICK TO READ MORE

A Testimonial from the Teaching and Learning in the Presence of Anxiety, Stress, or Trauma: Science and Strategies Presentation:

Janet, your workshop was so uplifting! I have twins that were born 3 months premature. One suffers from severe anxiety. He has been in therapeutic play for 4 years now (he is 7). I went home and started doing some techniques you shared and it has helped him more than 4 years of therapy!! Thank you so much!!

Jessica C. Starzyk
Prince William County Public Schools

Resources For You to Use!

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