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Engaging The Cognitive Brain, The Emotional Brain, and the Heart of Language Learners: Science and Strategies

by Janet Zadina on 01/12/22


Are your students different than they were before the pandemic? Are you seeing more behavior problems? Less motivation? Trouble focusing and paying attention? These behaviors are typical responses to trauma which our students have been experiencing for some time.

Learn how stress, anxiety, and trauma affect learning and increase behavioral problems. Acquire a quick strategy for addressing that emotional state.

Now let’s take it a step further. Let’s move forward with hope and positive emotion. In fact, positive emotion can raise achievement just as negative emotion can decrease it. What can we learn from the science of positive emotion and the new field of positive education that can help us help our students?

Discover what predicted the extent of practice in language learners. See how the brains of teachers and students can synchronize – literally get on the same wavelength. Acquire strategies for engagement and motivation.

Then go beyond the brain to the heart. Find out how hearts can synchronize and how engaging the heart can lead to stress reduction and better learning.

Learn how to synch up with your students! You will leave this keynote energized with strategies for engaging the body, the brain, and the heart to enhance and energize language instruction.

Attendees will: *

  • Learn the science of how negative emotion impairs language learning 
  • Acquire a strategy for reducing fight/flight/freeze reactions 
  • See evidence of how brain waves between teacher and student can synchronize
  • Acquire strategies for increasing synchronization between teacher and student
  • Learn about the science of engagement
  • Understand the current status of emotion and language learning research and acquire new knowledge from the fields of psychology and neuroscience on emotion and language learning
  • Discover the science of how positive emotion enhances learning and raises language achievement
  • Acquire strategies for increasing positive emotion in the classroom
  • Find out what neuroscience says increases motivation • Acquire strategies for increasing motivation
  • Acquire “hot off the press” tips about language learning.
  • Be awed by new information about how heart energy
  • Learn how you can engage the heart energy of students (“they put their heart into it” is more than a metaphor)
  • Acquire a powerful research-based strategy that increases happiness, motivation, and academic success. This strategy increases the functional connectivity of the brain and heart.
  • Engage in an experiential activity that has been shown in research studies to improve your heart coherence and which increases wellness and reduces anxiety.
  • Leave with new hope, energy, and strategies for enhancing language instruction and increasing achievement and wellness in your students. 
*This information is included in a 45 minute to 60-minute keynote or workshop. A longer workshop is available. Contact me at [email protected] for information.

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