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A Fantastic Testimonial!

by Janet Zadina on 10/04/17

(L: Kristi Barker, M.Ed, R: Dr. Zadina)

I recently received this amazing testimonial and felt like I just had to share. It is words like these that ensure me I am making a difference for very important people!  

I have to admit that it is hard for me to be on the road.  This particular location was two flights and an hour’s drive.  But when I work with such fantastic teachers and I meet someone like this who is so dedicated, I know that it is all worth it.  I am going to work as long as you let me and I physically can!  I love teachers and am always thinking of my prior struggling students and how much they needed.

Dear Dr. Zadina,
I was overjoyed getting to spend my morning with you, my favorite neuroscientist BFF.  As I told you this morning, I admire the work you are doing and treasure the wisdom and insight you provide to me.  When I see your newsletter arrive in my inbox, I am a child on Christmas morning soaking in all the goodness you provide for educators (and parents) related to students and learning.  Thank you for doing the hard work of making such a deeply complicated subject come to life in a meaningful and manageable way.  My classroom is invigorated, my students are inspired and my passion for teaching is reignited each time I teach concepts like, Fire & Wire, Intention Statements, Multiple Pathways and so much more!  

Thank you for providing me with tools to use in my classroom and focusing my eyes on research that I would otherwise never encounter.  We are all better because of your dedication to students and learning. 

Kristi Barker, M.Ed.
Assistant Professor of Education and Reading
South Plains College

with Dr. Janet Zadina
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